Introducing iTITE. The most advanced, cloud-based bolting procedure
builder, built off the industry's latest engineering standards.

iTITE™ is a cloud based Engineering Tool that calculates Bolt Load, determines torque or tension values and then applies them to an Assembly Procedure based on the latest engineered standards as found in ASME PCC-1-2013 and others.

In a simple three step process, iTITE™ will identify the maximum limit of bolt stress allowable on custom or ANSI flanges and populate this data into an easy to read graph that displays limiting factors for the flange size you enter.

iTITE provides for the maximum bolt stress allowable without damaging the following components:


Based on Finite Element Analysis, iTITE™ catalogues the FEA results of ANSI flanges and uses that data to identify the point at which plastic deformation or flange rotation will occur. Based on that data, it is compared to the other factors and the recommended bolt stress is safely reduced below that level. The assembly data will be specified as a bolt stress without risk of deflection or mechanical failure.


Based on the material of the bolts, iTITE™ determines how much bolt stress can be generated. iTITE™ also takes into account the nut factor, or “K” factor used when torque is the method used in assembly.


iTITE™ calculates the gasket stress based on the gasket type selected and the size of the gasket based on ANSI dimensions or custom values the user inputs. iTITE™ calculates gasket stress into bolt stress based on the flange dimensions entered providing the user with the final limiting factor.